Red potatoes

Are Red potatoes healthy?

Red potato


Red potato, botanically classified as Solanum tuberosum. It is also known as “Dakota Chief” and “Red Pontiac”. It belongs to the Solanaceae or nightshade family, including a wide class of tomatoes, eggplants and bell peppers. The skin of red potatoes is dark red to very light pink in color and the flesh can usually vary from white to golden yellow. A few medium-set eyes are also found across the surface of the skin. It is small to medium in size and round or oval in shape with some uniformity. Notable is often said to be the red skin versus the high antioxidant levels provided by rosette or white potatoes. The underlying cause of skin color variation is directly related to the place where the potato grows and the type of soil.

Found in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, dark red, sandy loam soils produce light pink potatoes – as in Florida. Mostly red round with more moisture and less starch. This feature makes red potatoes ideal for potato salad dishes, steamed, cooked and crockpot dishes. Red potatoes are known worldwide for keeping their shape well firm during the cooking process and for their sweet sense of smell. These potatoes are used in different recipes in different cultures. If stored in a cool, dry and dark place they will last for several weeks.

Red potatoes were first cultivated in the mountains of Peru. It was cultivated in Europe in the 1560s. When these potatoes became popular and spread throughout Europe, they were also taken to the United States. Today, red potato is widely found in South America, the United States, and Europe. Red potatoes are usually found all year round. The most notable growing areas for red potatoes are the Red River Valley, a fertile growing area spread across North Dakota, Minnesota and Manitoba, Canada. Red potatoes are also important to farmers in Wisconsin, Washington, Idaho, Arizona, and California.

Other types of red potatoes: Chieftain, La Rouge, Nor Donna, Norland, Red La Soda, Red Pontiac, Red Ruby, Sangre, Viking


Red potatoes nutrition

Serving Size: Red potato medium (2-1/4″ to 3-1/4″ dia) (213g)


Nutrient                                          Value

Calories:                                  149
Total Fat:                                 0.3g
Sodium:                                   38mg
Total Carbs:                             34g
Dietary Fiber:                           4g
Total Sugars:                           3g
Protein:                                    4g
Vitamin A:                               1mcg
Vitamin C:                               18mg
Vitamin K:                                6mcg
Thiamin:                                  0.17mg
Riboflavin:                               0.07mg
Niacin:                                     2.4mg
Vitamin B-6:                            0.36mg
Folate:                                    38mcg
Pantothenic Acid:                   0.6mg
Choline:                                  35mg
Calcium:                                 21mg
Iron:                                       1.6mg
Potassium:                             969mg
Phosphorus:                          130mg
Magnesium:                           47mg
Zinc:                                      0.7mg
Selenium:                              1mcg
Copper:                                 0.29mg
Manganese:                          0.3mg


Health Benefits of Red Potatoes


Improved cell function

Red potatoes are a good source of essential iron and vitamin C. Adequate iron intake supports the function of red blood cells. Iron also plays an important role in supplying fresh oxygen to body tissues, enzymatic systems, especially nerve development, and can contribute to the overall functioning of the cell, and to build cell strength. Vitamin C helps repair body tissues and provides antioxidants. Vitamin C helps your body absorb iron and keeps body tissues strong by increasing collagen production. Each large red potato contains 2.7 milligrams of iron, giving you 31.7 milligrams of vitamin C.
Potatoes alone are a great way to get balanced iron, but adding potatoes to pure vegetable soup is also a great idea if you feel anemic.
Vitamin C in other vegetables stimulates the absorption of iron while the potato is creamy. If you serve meat, potato and vegetables, you can absorb iron from your potato.

Healthy nervous system and hemoglobin

Vitamin B6 in red potatoes is crucial for cellular renewal, a healthy nervous system and a balanced mood. Combining these vitamins with other health benefits of red potato will help reduce daily stress and cholesterol. Vitamin B-6 is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential for protein metabolism and red blood cell metabolism. Vitamin B6 is also needed to make hemoglobin in the blood. Protein that carries oxygen throughout your body. And helps prevent heart disease. Red potato also contains significant amounts of other essential minerals, including copper and zinc, which keep the nervous system healthy and boost immunity.


Healthy Heart and hypertension control

The potassium and fiber in red potato are good for your cardiovascular health. Potassium helps control your blood pressure levels. Potassium also supports muscle function, including the muscle tissue found in your heart and blood vessels. Potato fiber lowers your blood cholesterol levels and reduces your risk of coronary artery disease.


Weight Loss

Red potato with skin is a good source of fiber. A medium-baked red potato contains 3 grams of fiber. The fiber in the diet will make you feel less hungry and will help you to eat less. One study found that eating more than 14 grams of fiber was associated with a 10 percent reduction in total caloric intake and a 4-pound weight loss in four months. So if you are trying to lose weight, red potato with skin is a suitable food.



What are red potatoes used for?


Serving delicious recipes

Red potatoes are best suited for cooking, mashing, boiling, air frying, baking or roasting. They absorb flavors easily and are delicious in both hot and cold foods. Red potato is considered an excellent salad potato because they retain their shape well when cooked. This potato can be fried and crushed when small in size. They can also be used in soups, stews and vegetables or served baked or mashed. Red potato is popularly chopped and fried for breakfast or thinly sliced ​​and used in pizza. These can be cubed, fried and served with meat as well as a hearty side dish. Red potato can be served well with lemon, garlic, cheese, rosemary, herbs, basil, dill, parsley, goat cheese, leeks, sausage, chili peppers and green beans.


How to cook red potatoes?

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