I’m Habib.

Do you naturally want to get ideas about vegetables, nutrition, gardening, recipes?
I have shared with you about knowledge of vegetables and nutrition.

From a young age, I was trying to gain knowledge about vegetables and nutrition in order to live a healthy life. I believe that a person needs proper nutrition to live a healthy life. I feel the need for a nutritious vegetable diet for a healthy lifestyle and proper physical supplementation. I like vegetables very much and am producing my own nutritious vegetables food. We eat vegetables six days a week and meat one day seven days a week. I think you need to eat nutritious vegetables to stay healthy.

I want to spread my research knowledge about vegetables. So I am discussing all the vegetables including nightshade vegetables, nutrition, gardening, ideas about recipes and research knowledge with everyone.

I have read a lot of books and learned about natural health and even became a Certified Nutrition Practitioner! My attitude towards my body and health began to change.

Inspired by my parents, I started studying science. I am working in a laboratory after graduating in Botany from a government university.


My Mission is to provide research knowledge ideas about vegetables, nutrition, gardening and recipes.