What is ashwagandha really good for You?


Overview :

Scientific name: Withania somnifera.

Ashwagandha includes in Solanaceae and Nightshade Family.
Originally used as medicine the Roots, leaves, flowers, fruits, bark, branch and seed of Ashwagandha. The tree is usually 14-30 inches tall and branched. The flowers are small, green and bell-shaped. The fruit is like pea-fruits. When the fruit ripens, it is a little reddish like an orange. In medical science for anxiety and depression, Ashwagandha roots have been widely used. A lot of antioxidants and real anti-aging herbs which effective for weight loss and overall well-being.


Health Benefits


Health Benefits for Men:

The juice of this tree is invigorating. Quite effective in increasing male sperm. Ashwagandha is beneficial in infertility as well as increasing testosterone levels in men. Improves reproductive hormone levels in infertile male patients by increasing sperm production and improving sexual mood.


Health Benefits for Women:

The use of ashwagandha is very effective in reducing stress, excellent works during the menstrual cycle and increases women’s sexual desire. Ashwagandha roots are often used to Women’s pregnancy time and their growing baby. It is not right to take too much during pregnancy, so more than 1 teaspoon of powder should not be taken daily.

Healthy Heart

It reduces cholesterol levels in the body which protects against heart disease, stroke and blood clots in the arteries. Reduces pressure on the heart muscle and increases muscle strength. It has a lot of antioxidants that prevent blood clots in the arteries.


Withaferin angiogenesis in Ashwagandha protects against cancer. Widaferin is able to suppress the growth of certain cancer cells. The anti-cancer properties of Ashwagandha work in destroying the prostate, colon, kidney, lung, breast, blood, pancreatic, head, neck cancer cells and cancer cell resistance in the human body.

Deepness sleep:

Reduces stress and anxiety and brings better sleep by cooling the head. For better sleep, Ashwagandha powder can be eaten with sugar before going to bed.

Body composition:

Although It does not work to increase height but helps to improve body composition. Ashwagandha extract of root or leaves treats to use for physical and neurological of disease. 


It contains a mixture of amino acids and vitamins that can help Mental and physical weakness relieves to restore vitality. And It helps reduce fatigue, insomnia, nervousness and restlessness.


It helps reduce blood sugar in the body of people with diabetes. And it increases insulin levels and the effectiveness of insulin in muscle cells. 

Hair nutrition:

As Ashwagandha has a lot of antioxidants, it works against free radicals. So the hair’s original color is not lost. Ashwagandha powder in combination nourishes the hair that brightness makes hair long, stops hair falling and helps to strengthen the hair.

Skin nutrition:

The real cause of premature aging on the skin of the body is free radicals.
As it has a lot of antioxidants, it works against anti-aging free radicals. It brightens the skin by preventing wrinkly. And Protects the body from dry skin.


Others Health Benefits :

Ashwagandha fruit is very beneficial for the liver, including the treatment of heartburn, flatulence, abdominal pain and getting rid of digestive problems.

It can improve thyroid levels in hyperthyroidism people.

The root powder can be eaten to get rid of cold and cough.

It is especially useful to relieve eye pain.

It is an effective remedy for chronic bronchitis.

Side effects

Ashwagandha has many benefits but it also has side effects. It is very important to consult a doctor before use.

1. Peoples who are affected by bile have a warm body, so prolonged use can lead to ulcers, diarrhea and vomiting.
2. People who use blood-sugar-lowering medicine, when using it then blood sugar levels can be many drops in their bodies.
3. Excessive use in the case of pregnant women is likely to lead to Abortion.
4. Ashwagandha dilutes the blood. Those who have recently had surgery should not use Ashwagandha. Using it can make the blood dilutes too much.
5. Its use has an effect on sleep so the feeling of sleepiness can come. No sleeping drugs should be taken with it, as it will cause extra sleep.

However, Crude ashwagandha powder causes tumult indigestion. This can cause pain in the lower abdomen. So, those Who have poor digestion must consume good quality ashwagandha.


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