Russet potato

Russet potato


What is Russet potato?

The russet potato is thick which is large, long and rough with dark brown skin. A high starch potato, whose flesh is snowy white, very dry and soft. These are the best baking potatoes. It is also suitable for delicious baking, mashing and french frying. In most cases, these potato salads and make a delicious soup. Russets potatoes are also known as “Idaho potatoes” in the United States. The russet potato is more expensive than other potatoes because it absorbs more water and takes longer to mature, even requiring large amounts of pesticides.


Types of Russet potatoes:

Russet Burbank, Norkotah Russet, Frontier Russet, Russet Nugget, Centennial Russet, Rio Grande Russett, Silverton Russet, Ranger Russet, Umatilla Russet, Butte Russet, Alpine Russet, Alturas Russet, Arcadia Russet, Blazer Russet, Canela Russet, Castle Russet, Classic Russet, Clearwater Russet, Defender Russet, Echo Russet, Galena Russet, Gem Russet, GemStar Russet, Highland Russet, King Russet, La Belle Russet, Lemhi Russet, Mountain Gem Russet, Nooksack Russet, Norgold Russet, Owyhee Russet, Payette Russet, Pioneer Russet, Pomerelle Russet, Premier Russet, Reveille Russet, Rio Grand Russet, Sage Russet, Targhee Russet, Teton Russet, Vanguard Russet, Western Russet.


How to preservation:

Russets potatoes last longer in dry, dark and cool (ideally 45 ° to 50 ° F) places. Never refrigerate raw Russets potatoes. When the temperature is too cold, some of the potato starch will turn into sugar and get an unpleasant taste.





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