What Are Hannah Sweet Potatoes and Nutrition 

Hannah sweet potatoes

Hannah sweet potatoes


Hannah sweet potatoes are botanically classified as Ipomoea batatas and are members of the Morning-Glory family. Sweet Hanna and yellow Hanna are also known as sweet potatoes. Hannah’s sweet potatoes are medium to large in size and round to rectangular and cylindrical in size. When raw, the meat is hard, cream-colored and dense, with a dry, flaky but creamy texture when cooked. This sweet potato is slightly sweet with a dense, starchy texture. This sweet potato grows in warm temperate climates and is available all year round. White-fried sweet potatoes are some of the most recognized varieties in the world. The health food market has recently grown in popularity due to its nutritional value. This sweet potato is native to South or Central America. Potatoes were introduced in Spain and the rest of Europe in the late 15th century, and in Asia and the United States in the mid-16th century. It was the first sweet potato to be grown commercially in the United States in the 16th century. Hannah sweet potatoes are preferred for their starchy texture and light, sweet flavors are used in a variety of cooking applications and can enhance the taste. These potatoes contain vitamins A and C, fiber, potassium and iron. Their high beta-carotene content is being widely discussed on health food blogs. When stored in a cool, dry and dark place with good air circulation, these shots will last for 2-4 weeks.



How to cook Hannah sweet potatoes

The Sweet Potatoes are best suited for cooking applications such as frying, pureeing, mashing, baking, deep-frying, stuffing and steaming. The roots can be chopped, grilled and served with coriander leaves. They can even be cooked and mashed as a side dish.



Hannah sweet potatoes nutrition 


Serving Size:       1 medium

Nutrient                    Value

Cal                             112

Carbs                        26 g

Dietary Fiber             3 g

Sugar                         5 g

Fat                             0 g

Saturated                    0 g

Polyunsaturated         0 g

Monounsaturated       0 g

Trans                          0 g

Protein                       2 g

Sodium                       72 mg

Potassium                   438 mg

Cholesterol                 l0 mg

Vitamin A                   369 %

Vitamin C                   5 %

Calcium                      4 %

Iron                             4 %

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